How to Vote on Snapshot

How to Vote on Snapshot


  • An Ethereum wallet with VITA tokens (see here)
  • Your VITA tokens must be unstaked (see here)

Joining VitaDAO on Snapshot

This is a one-off action to be done only once per wallet. If you intend to vote with multiple wallets holding VITA, you will need to repeat these steps for each.

  1. Go to VitaDAO’s page on Snapshot

  2. Unlock your MetaMask by entering your password. Select the account holding VITA tokens that you want to use to vote on Snapshot.

  1. Click on “Connect wallet”

  1. Select “MetaMask” (or your wallet of choice).

  1. Click “Join”.

  1. A pop-up window will appear where your wallet asks you to sign a transaction. This is necessary to connect your wallet to Snapshot. Note that signing a transaction does not involve any gas costs; it is free of charge.

  1. Once your signature has been processed and you see the following screen, you have successfully joined VitaDAO on Snapshot and are now ready to vote on proposals.

Voting on proposals

  1. Go to VitaDAO’s page on Snapshot

  2. Connect your wallet (see steps 2 to 4 in the section above).

  3. Look out for proposals that are active. If a proposal is pending, you will have to wait for the time indicated below before you can vote on it.

  1. Click on the proposal you want to vote on and take your time to review it. At the bottom of the Snapshot proposal, you will find a link to the phase 2 proposal and discussion on Discourse.

  2. To cast your vote, scroll to the end of the proposal description, select your option, and click on “Vote”.

  1. Confirm your choice.

  1. Sign the transaction in Metamask.

  1. If your vote was cast successful, you will see a green confirmation message and your vote listed at the bottom of the page.

Notes and Remarks

  • Voting on Snapshot is free of charge as it is “gasless”, meaning it does not involve any gas costs and transaction fees.
  • Creating a Snapshot proposal is currently limited to VitaCore members and requires the proposal to first successfully pass phase 1 and phase 2. To submit a new proposal, share your idea on Discord or Discourse. If at least five DAO members signal support, your proposal proceeds from phase 1 to phase 2 and you may publish a more elaborate proposal in the proposal section on Discourse.
  • If your VITA tokens are spread out across multiple wallets, you will have to repeat the process described above for each of them.
  • VDP-1 to -8 and -12 to -17 were voted on through VitaDAO’s old governance contract on Ethereum mainnet. These proposals are listed on Snapshot for the sake of completeness only; no Snapshot vote occurred.
  • Find the proposal to move VitaDAO’s phase 3 governance to Snapshot here.
  • For more information, see Snapshot’s documentation and FAQs.