How to Unstake VITA to use your Tokens on Snapshot

How to Unstake VITA to use your Tokens on Snapshot

  1. Go to

  2. Unlock your MetaMask by entering your password. Select the account holding VITA tokens that you previously used to vote on on-chain proposals.

  3. Click on “Connect wallet” and select “MetaMask”.

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  1. Confirm that your balance of “Staked VITA” is > 0.

  2. Click on “Unstake”.

  3. Click on “Enable VITA Token”, confirm the transaction in your MetaMask browser extension and wait up to a few minutes for the transaction to confirm. If you have done that before, for instance before voting on a proposal, you can skip this step.

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  1. In the Amount field, click on “Max” to unstake all your tokens.

  2. Click on “Unstake VITA”, confirm the transaction in your MetaMask browser extension and wait up to a few minutes for the transaction to confirm.

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  1. If you have successfully unstaked your tokens, you will see a notification indicating that. You will also see a message that you don’t have any staked VITA at the moment and your balance of “Staked VITA” should be 0. You are now all set to vote with your VITA tokens on Snapshot.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Why should I unstake my VITA tokens?

You need to unstake your tokens in order to continue participating in VitaDAO’s governance and vote on proposals. From its inception until December 2021, VitaDAO has been using the “Raphael” smart contract to organise its governance and vote on proposals, which required VITA tokens to be staked in the contract. In January 2022, VitaDAO migrated to Snapshot to vote on proposals, which requires VITA tokens to be unstaked from the old “Raphael” smart contract. With the introduction of Snapshot, the old “Raphael” smart contract is obsolete and staking tokens in it is pointless.

Moreover, you need to unstake your tokens to have them in your wallet (rather than staked in the old smart contract). This allows you to transfer them to another wallet, use them to provide liquidity on decentralised exchanges or use them in other ways.

Until when do I need to complete these steps?

There is no deadline to unstake your VITA tokens from the old governance contract.

Why am I unable to submit a transaction?

If MetaMask does not allow you to submit a transaction, pay attention to the error message that MetaMask shows. Since this is an Ethereum mainnet transaction, you need to have sufficient ETH to pay for gas fees. You can check here whether gas costs are currently high and see whether you may want to try again at a later time when the network is not as suggested, e.g. on weekends.

Why was my transaction not successful?

If the last step does not result in your tokens being unstaked, your transaction may have failed. To confirm that, open your MetaMask extension by clicking on the icon in your browser bar, then click on “Activity” and click on the most recent item called “Withdraw”. In the next window at the very top, click on “View on block explorer” which opens Etherscan.

If the status on Etherscan is not “Success”, your transaction may still be pending. If that is the case, wait for a few hours and check this page again later. To speed up the process, you may click on “Speed up” in the Activity section.

If the status on Etherscan indicated that your transaction failed or that there was an error, you will need to repeat the process above from step 6.


If you continue to have problems after reading the above, please reach out in the #:computer:ㆍtech-product channel in Discord.


Thanks for the informative post @theobtl! Will staked tokens be available forever on VitaDAO or is there any deadline for token holders to unstake?


you can unstake forever as long as ethereum is running :sparkles:


Great question! As Vincent said, theoretically forever. Added your question to the post above.