As a member, how do I vote?

For phase 1 voting on ideas, suggestions and early-stage proposals, you can cast your vote informally in the Discourse category “Proposals” by signalling your reaction, e.g. a comment for agreement or disagreement, a “heart”-reaction for agreement, or a “thumbs down”-reaction for disagreement.

For phase 2 voting on early- and mid-stage proposals, you can cast your vote informally in the Discord channel “Proposals” through an emoji reaction, as defined in that particular Discord post.

For formal phase 3 voting on final proposals are recorded on-chain (i.e., transparent and trustless on the Ethereum blockchain) on VitaDAO’s web3 application. You need to connect your wallet, choose a proposal, and stake the amount of tokens you would like to use to vote for or against the proposal. Note that you have only those tokens at your disposal that are both staked and not locked. After submitting and confirming your transaction in your wallet, your vote processes on the Ethereum blockchain and will appear on the proposal page shortly after.

For more information, see also the proposal “VDP-1 Governance Framework”.