Hire Technical Lead

In addition to Audie’s VITA allocation as a steward, I propose VitaDAO pay Audie a regular salary of $10k USDC per month to take on the role of technical lead for 80% of his time. This is well in line with salaries/full-time roles in his domain. In addition, he will be personally responsible for covering all US tax liabilities, pension, health insurance related with this - effectively a full freelancer. Audie would have an option to move to 100% of his time with a proportional increase with a new proposal. In this role, Audie will continue doing what he’s been doing over the last several months, including managing the technical roadmap and resources, technical support, overseeing and executing VitaDAO’s contract interactions, managing the various tools on which the DAO depends, overseeing the treasury, implementing all high-level on-chain decisions, and continuing to represent VitaDAO publicly. This allocation would come from the technical working group budget, and be paid monthly with the vesting distributions on the first of the month. The position’s start date will be effective September 1st 2021, and would be subject to review and cancellation by the VitaDAO stewards at any time.

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Strongly agreed.

While it may not apply in this instance, one thing to also consider here is if some sort of reoccurring budget is required for a lead to administered, and how that would be administered for tax purposes (e.g. would different “hires” made by a technical lead be paid directly by the DAO, or would they invoice some established entity whose budget is assigned by a technical lead).