Working Group Monthly Budgets and Bounties

The following a proposal for how working groups an working group stewards can create bounties, offer incentives, and direct funds/tokens to community members that complete bounties.

  1. WG’s are given a budget, decided in the tokenomics proposal. This can be modified or adjusted through proposals to the community the future.

  2. At the beginning of each month, WGs create bounties for foreseeable tasks that need to be completed, and assign token rewards from their budget to these bounties. These proposals are approved by the community. WGs send these requests monthly to the treasury.

  3. WGs are also given a small budget (TBD) for additional expenditures that might arise over the course of a month.

  4. WG’s manage a multisig with the steward and several other members (perhaps requiring 2 signatures) that control their allocations for that month. This decreases the ops security risk of the WGs holding large amounts of tokens.

  5. WG’s have discretion over how their budgets are allocated and spent. They can create incentives that they feel are suited to certain tasks, and manage the associated KPI’s/expectations.


fully support this proposal… think it makes a lot of sense to create agility within the working groups


Sounds great to me too.

We might also have more extensive quarterly proposals next to shorter monthly proposals if that simplifies things. This is also something that Pat noted.

The first months will likely be particularly eventful when we set everything up, so we can revisit this in a couple of months when there’s more of a routine.


Should we start to prepare a proposal and setup of these wallets in the coming days to start being more agile and functional?


I think that is a great idea!

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