[VitaCore] VitaDAO OKRs RFP & Compensation Structure

Please find the RFP (request for proposal) and Compensation Structure for VitaDAO’s 2021 OKR Framework attached in this PDF, which can be found in VitaDAO’s Google Drive > 07. Operations > 01. OKRs > Reference Docs sub folder


Please note that the majority of the compensation has been previously allocated.

Should you not have access to the document and require it, please request.


Extremely valuable and appreciated initiative! Think this will help us significantly to align and productively focus on most valuable goals, objectives and key results.

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Thank you Nick for the proposal and the work you’ve already put in into the OKR process. It’s definitely a much needed and appreciated initiative. :pray:

Could you elaborate on which parts of the allocations have not been allocated yet?