VDP-83 Request for Nominations for Working Group Stewards

The name of the nominee along with their Discord username should be direct messaged to consigli3re#2732 on Discord within February 14-21st, 2023.


VitaDAO has finally closed its fundraising and now has the operational capacity to execute our postponed steward elections.

This proposal commences the election process according to the passing of VDP-78 and with reference to VDP-19, VDP-69, VitaDAO Governance Constitution and suggestions from Re-election Announcement.


The VitaDAO community and token holders wish to ensure that the organisation has the capacity to evolve and advance its mission through growth of, and engagement with the community.

While innovation in DAO governance and initiatives is driven by working group members, it is important to have community members who are able to provide both organisational continuity, and facilitate the work of VitaDAO across 3 pillars of endeavour: Longevity Science and Dealflow, Community and Awareness, and DAO Coordination.

VitaDAO’s initial organisational structure consisted of 7 working groups at launch: Community and Awareness, Longevity Dealflow, Operations, Legal, Governance, Technical and Product, and Tokenomics. After a little over a year of operating, it was recognized that many of these working groups consisted of only a couple of individuals and did not require full-time positions to facilitate the work of several of these groups; as well as many were on-demand calls-for-service. Moreover, having multiple working groups added unnecessary overhead and execution inefficiency to the operations of VitaDAO.

In response, after a number of discussions, a migration to a more flexible squad/pod based organisational structure was perceived as more efficient. With that in mind, it was also recognized that organisational continuity was very important for key functions such as messaging to the community, dealing with our IP projects and the academic community, and administrative functions like contributor management (compensation, expenses) and financial management (i.e. fundraising, accounting, treasury management).

This culminated in VDP-69 which reduced the number of working groups from 7 to 3 - one for each of the pillar themes - Longevity Science and Dealflow, Community and Awareness and DAO Coordination.

The former working groups of Legal, Governance, Tech/Product and Tokenomics have been folded, for budgetary and support purposes, within the Coordination Working Group.

As a result, the election process contemplated in VDP-78 seeks to elect full-time Stewards to provide the organisational continuity and support for VitaDAO to each of the remaining 3 Working Groups.


consigli3re, Alex, Todd


The role of a Steward is defined as follows:

VitaDAO Working Group Stewards

As a VitaDAO Working Group Steward you play a key role in the day-to-day operation of the DAO. In this role you will be wearing multiple hats, but your main responsibility is to enable Working Group members to get more done, and thereby unleashing the full potential of the Working Group.


  • Note that the expectation is that this is a full-time position.
  • You have been a working group contributor within VitaDAO for at least 6 months.

Key responsibilities:

  • Keep track of all projects happening within the Working Group;
  • Make sure the Working Group delivers on the goals and performance metrics in the annual Strategic Plan and amendments as may be decided through governance;
  • Specify and track tasks and projects that have to be done; hold people accountable on delivery within their working group;
  • Empower Working Group member’s work by giving them resources they need and removing blockers quickly;
  • Manage and deliver bounties and compensations for the Working Group in a timely manner;
  • Monitor and approve Working Group compensation to service providers etc. ensuring quality and value for funds;
  • Monitor compliance with Compensation, Travel and other policies as necessary and the terms of any contract/bounty for which a contributor is providing services;
  • Support Working Group members, to understand how they want to develop within the DAO and help them to achieve their goals;
  • Development and maintenance of the Working Group’s Compensation Model;
  • Assisting and guiding Working Group members in growing into their roles and helping them develop themselves professionally;
  • Identify people the Working Group needs and recruit them;
  • Keep the WG on track and aligned with the mission to accelerate aging biology research and executing on the Strategic Plan;
  • Facilitate WG-specific governance, sometimes through DAO proposals; and,
  • Holding other Stewards accountable

Necessary requirements:

  • Must work collaboratively with others.
  • Very good and efficient communicator and delegator
  • Excellent at team building and motivating people
  • Proven Ability to execute on complex tasks
  • Very good skills in operations
  • Experience with task and project management tools
  • Passionate about building the future of Longevity Medicine

Nice to haves:

  • Comfortable with representing the DAO at conferences through public presentations
  • Understanding of Crypto (depends on the WG)


These elections are necessarily recurring every 6 months and therefore the effective dates of this term will run from March 7th through September 7th, 2023.

Per VDP-78 - it is requested that members of the community either self-nominate, or nominate individuals who they believe can fulfil these roles. The name of the nominee along with their Discord username should be direct messaged to consigli3re#2732 on Discord within the nomination period. The nomination period shall be from February 14-21st, 2023.

Those nominated will be vetted by Stewards per VDP-78 by February 23th, 2023, and a final list of nominees will be presented in the following proposals by February 24th, 2023:

VDP-78.1 Proposal to Elect the Longevity Dealflow Working Group Steward
VDP-78.2 Proposal to Elect Community and Awareness Working Group Steward
VDP-78.3 Proposal to Elect the Coordination Working Group Steward

Each nominee, who is willing to accept the position, should prepare a short paragraph submission which should be provided as a comment to the respective proposals no later than February 27th, 2023 using the template below:

Title: [[Name of working group]] Candidate [your preferred name]
For example: [Coordination WG] Candidate Vitalik/vbuterin

Body: copy and paste this into your Discord message -

  • Your preferred name
  • Twitter profile link (optional)
  • Why do you think you would be a good steward of this working group?
  • Time availability? (xx hrs/week)

The above proposals shall be moved to Phase 3 on-chain voting on February 28th, 2023 and voting shall conclude after 7 days.


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  • Agree
  • Revisions Requested (Detail in Comments)
  • Disagree

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Think its better to run this transparently on discourse, so people can publicly nominate people here, otherwise its a bit opaque.


I agree, but @longevion also raised a point about having the a chance to keep any dispute in private if a veto were to occur (a reason in public could have ramifications to the nominee’s and DAO’s image), due to a past experience in the DAO. VitaCore can appeal the denial to the tokenholders to make sure there are no shenanigans, making it public. The nominee also can of course make a proposal anytime, appealing to the tokenholders.

However, the Discourse nominations are definitely something I proposed prior in VDP-78 and want to explore for the upcoming Squad Lead Elections. I don’t think a veto should occur for this, and just a multiple-choice vote on Snapshot down to token holders should be carried out.

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