VDP-42 continued funding of VHF

# Summary

Vitality Healthspan Foundation (VHF) is VitaDAO’s partner not-for-profit aligned with VitaDAO in supporting longevity and healthspan-related research and interventions.

VHF has the capacity to fund research by making donations in fiat and by purchasing equity in companies not yet open to NFT-based financing from VitaDAO.

This proposal is to make an additional arm’s-length loan of $580,000 from VitaDAO to VHF, secured against the underlying equity in companies VHF in turn funds, and a $100,000 donation to VHF to support VHF and VitaDAO’s aligned non-profit initiatives.

# Details

VHF previously funded Turn.bio and Rubedo.life in alignment with assessments from VitaDAO’s VDP-8 & VDP-15, and has indicated a willingness to further collaborate with VitaDAO on finding and funding the best opportunities, due diligence, and logistical support.

The VitaDAO community has indicated interest in several other projects, including Brad Stanfield’s Rapamycin trial (VDP-31), Mantis Alzheimer’s camera (VDP-32), and the Longevity Hackers film (VDP-39). VHF is positioned to help bring those projects to life.

# Specification

VHF and VitaDAO’s interests are aligned in bringing these projects to life. Since VHF does not have the funds but has the capacity to do so, VitaDAO can loan VHF the funds and secure those loans against the underlying equity assets.

VitaDAO, through a secured loan agreement for $580,000, will help VHF fund 10 projects within the $50-100K range.

In addition to loaning VHF $580,000 and securing that loan against the equity of projects VHF funds, VitaDAO will donate $100,000 to VHF to support VHF and VitaDAO’s aligned non-profit initiatives.

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We should probably do closer to $1M to make it less likely we’ll have to a similar proposal again soon.


$1m is a huge part of the overall funds we have at the moment. It takes two weeks to pass a proposal, costs nothing and requires minimal effort. I don’t see a problem with transferring less and having proposals more often. Also, shouldn’t over index on equity.

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This proposal is now live on Snapshot for a phase 3 vote by the tokenholders.