How to Create Polls Directly in Discord

Why Simple, Low-Effort Polls are Vital

Proposing ideas and voting on decisions play a crucial role in VitaDAO’s governance. The first phase of our governance process requires at least five people to support an idea before it is eligible for a phase 2 proposal on Discourse. Yet, to date, this process has been rather tedious and intransparent. Proposing authors had to ask for comments or emoji reactions and manually remind people to give feedback. At the same time, it was rather difficult to keep track of the support that a particular idea has received when it was spread out across comments and various emoji reactions. This kept us from funnelling more ideas towards a proposal phase and likely made us miss out on some worthwhile encounters.

Introducing a Bot for Polls

Using Dyno bot, we have a simple way to create polls directly in a Discord channel where anyone can vote through emoji reactions. The bot will automatically create all the voting options through emoji reactions for you so that you as the proposing author do not need to do that yourself and can vote yourself.

Supported Types of Polls

You can create polls with up to ten choices. In principle, only multi-choice polls are supported. However, you could phrase your question to make it effectively a single-choice poll (though technically, people will still be able to choose multiple options). You may also insert an “other” option, asking people to comment their individual answer below.

Availability of this Poll Bot

Polls can be created in any channel in our Discord, but not in private messages or private message groups. Currently, this feature is limited to anyone who has the Discord role “working group member” or “working group guest”. After a test phase, we will roll it out to everyone on our Discord.

How to Use the Poll Bot

A poll is created through a command with three elements: The command to call the bot, a title, and the options. For help, just use the command "?poll".

Creating a Poll

The scheme to create a poll is as follows:

?poll [question] "[choice 1]" "[choice ...]" "[choice 10]"

The bot will add number emojis for each of your options in the order of appearance.

Note that the bot accepts upper quotation marks only. Lower quotation marks, single quotes or other quotation marks are not accepted. Depending on your local keyboard settings, the right quotation marks may not be the default quotation marks, but most keyboards should have them. In case of doubt, use this basic latin quotation mark ".

For example, the command to choose between a red pill and a blue pill would be:

?poll Do you want the red pill or the blue pill? "Red pill" "Blue pill"

Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 15.20.23

Showing Results of a Poll

To show the results of a poll, use the command ?poll show followed by the message ID or a link to the message. You can retrieve the latter by right clicking (or long pressing on mobile) on the poll and choosing the “Copy message link” option. The last number of that link refers to the message ID, but you may also just insert the whole link.

Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 15.25.56

Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 15.28.51

Alternatively, you can also right click (long press on mobile) and choose “Reactions” to see who voted for which option(s). This is also how you can track whether someone has voted for multiple options when the poll was designed as a single-choice poll.

Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 15.26.07

Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 15.33.11

Please comment feedback and questions below or reach out to be at theobtl#5976 on Discord. Click here to join VitaDAO’s Discord.


I think casual polling is a great idea for gauging community temperature for non-mission-critical concerns, initial brainstorming, and time-sensitive issues. I haven’t used the Dyno bot personally, but it seems to offer a lot of features for something so easily implemented!


Thanks for putting this together Theo, very helpful! Do you know if there is any option to vote anonymously? I ask in thinking about our Dealflow group, this would be a great tool to use for gaining initial consensus on a project, but I know some people have wanted their reviews to stay anonymous. I also realize this would put us in risk of having someone vote multiple times anonymously so maybe it is best to see who has voted.

Definitely think this will be a useful tool!


Fully agree, and we’re already using the Dyno bot in our Discord so this feature is already live - just not systematically used for the purpose described above.

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That is not possible with this particular bot, Dyno bot, but generally yes. I see these options:

  • We could use another Discord bot instead (this, this, etc.)
  • We keep using Dyno bot and, for anonymous voting, create a poll here on Discourse where votes are anonymous (but threads are public by default, unless we create a private section that is only accessible to dealflow working group members)

How strongly does the dealflow working group (and perhaps others) feel about anonymous voting in phase 1 (when it is already anonymous in phase 2 on Discord and pseudonymous in phase 3 onchain)?


I personally do not feel anonymity is adding much value in the deal-flow group and may be more trouble than it’s worth, but others may feel very differently.

Detailed opinion for anyone interested…

My main qualms about anonymity are:

  • It is difficult to follow-up when anonymous reviewers voice concerns or questions
  • Not all reviewers should be equal (for example, @DMWIII has decades of experience and leadership in science, so his scientific opinion is worth more than mine, and my scientific opinion is worth more than a non-scientist in the group, etc.)
  • It adds many additional practical head-aches such as this issue with the excellent bot you proposed lacking anonymity