Governance Squad Weekly Sync (30th Jan)


Time: Every Monday at 11am EST
Google Meet link:

30th January



  • The voter apathy, disagreements and suggested revisions on VDP-78 have to be discussed to move the time-sensitive (postponed for too long) steward/squad lead elections forward.


  • Discussion on how to move forward with VDP-78
  • Discuss changes to our Discourse revamp
  • Share task progress on Asana and new proposals that need to be addressed

Minutes & Action Items

  • Consensus formed around taking out EasyPoll and going straight to Snapshot in accordance to VDP-69
  • These proposals will be multiple choice and split VDP 78.1/78.2 for Stewards and Squad Leads respectively
  • Elections are time sensitive upon fundraising announcement
  • Elections for Core Squad Leads remain