Governance Squad Weekly Sync (13th Feb)


Time: Every Monday at 11am EST
Google Meet link:

Governance Squad Weekly Sync (13th Feb)



  • To iron out the progress in Phase 2 for proposals pending outside of Seasonal Governance and to clarify updates around the timeline for Seasonal Governance stewarded by @catthu in line with the DAO’s goals for this year.


  • Go through “Active Proposals”
  • Updates on Stewards Election
  • Next steps for Seasonal Governance
  • AOB

Minutes & Action Items

  • Vetting process for election with @consigli3re as a bridge between nominees and stewards
  • VDP-78 to 10 votes before the nominations proposal is posted on Discourse
  • Passed 3rd longevity symposium proposal
  • Snapshot Test Base for elections and VDP-72 to test out multiple-choice options
  • VDP-72 Appendix E 2 versions as choices for snapshot - winning version goes up on IPFS
  • Seasonal gov timeline set and goals are in line
  • Sorting out media and logistics for community proposals in seasonal gov
  • Primarity to attract both web2 and web3 crowd to start project proposals (Twitter, HackerNoon & Linkedin)
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