Awareness, Fundamentals and DAO Statutes. Liquid Democracy

Awareness, Fundamentals and statutes DAO

DAO a new way of Life, more human, more just, happier life.
We are creating a decentralised living organism, we must elaborate solid foundations, human rights and statutes.
In this way we will be able to consolidate as an organisation.

My proposal is: DAO + the incredible work of Alfred Adler.
If you don’t know what Adler’s psychology is, I recommend reading some of his books (SPOILER) it can change your life, and you can become happy.
By understanding Individual Psychology we can elaborate a charter worthy of any DAO. Sociologists, psychologists, philosophers would be needed for this work.

Elaboration of the bases of a new Democracy + DAO = Liquid Democracy.


  1. We are separated, there is no communication between the DAO.
    These Statutes will define a DAO, and we will be able to quickly assess whether this DAO meets the requirements for collaboration.
  2. We are in direct competition with centralisation
    In the world we live in is governed by centralised bodies, they are not going to want to lose that power. It is understood that we are going to be attacked. We need ramifications that organise defence:
  • Protection against, hackers, viruses etc. (Computer scientists, Anonymus?).
  • Protection against Propaganda (Counter-Propaganda Movement) “A new DAO journalist with Hippocratic Oath values”.
  • Protection against abuse and violence.
  1. We create highly efficient technology (to do good or to do evil).
    By adapting the DAO to any Organisation whether private, Institutional or Public, we will highly improve its efficiency.
  • We must watch out for those who implement it to do wrong, or to dominate the human being.
  • We may be on the wrong track, we are fighting against corporations of over 100 years in power protected by laws and influential people. If we succumb to them the world will be lost.
  1. Constant struggle of geopolitical blocs.
    Today we may disappear as a species, this is what the centralisation of power has led to, a constant struggle for globalisation and control of resources.
    Today for the Centralists the most important resource is the Channels of Influence or Media (Internet, Television, Radio, Influencers). We can see MUSK’s endless desire to buy Twitter.
    Whoever controls the communication space of a country controls that country, all its resources and its citizens. It is no longer necessary to have physical resources, propaganda is used to destroy countries and their governments to control their people and resources.

I am open to any debate, My Mission is to save the Planet, Save the human being from the slavery of the digital era, if we do not participate is the future that awaits us.

And as a human being with Ukrainian roots, I do not want any human being to suffer what we suffer today as we fight to the death in order to live.

Originally I write in Spanish, if you detect spelling mistakes, let me know, my forte is not in written communication, it is in Dialogue.