VitaDAO Proposal Naming Rules Proposal

Simplicity in Proposal Naming

VitaDAO’s community will benefit from proposals named in a way that makes them easy to reference.

With that in mind, I propose we adopt a naming convention like the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) naming convention. Since we are VitaDAO, I propose VDP with a number appended to it. This will be short for “VitaDAO Proposal.”

E.g. VDP-1 VitaDAO Governance Framework

In the beginning of the DAO, this simplicity will provide the benefit of clarity when referencing specific proposals, and will make it so remembering the title of the proposal isn’t necessary for searching and finding it in the variety of places the community will need to do so. (Discord, Discourse, web3, socials)

I further propose that when, but not until, the community grows enough to need to differentiate the proposals by purpose at a glance, that we retain the basic numbering and naming of VDP-x. To differentiate, we simply append a letter to indicate proposal purpose. E.g. VDP-101-L may indicate a Longevity Funding proposal. This has the benefit of making sure the proposal numeric value is always unique, and prevents there being ambiguity in proposal numbering.


Additionally, it is proposed here that a VDP should follow a VGP template that

requires all proposals speak to applicable fields, such as a Simple Summary, Abstract, Motivation, Specification, and Implementation. In addition to these fields, Phase 2 proposals must also include a 5-day forum poll on the proposal outcome.


Can we close this topic and move it into the FAQ or Create a Template based on it?

Yes. We can close it.