VDP54.5 Expression of Interest: Beaker DAO


As part of the VDP-54 governance process, we have requested that each strategic contributor provide a memo outlining their interest in VitaDAO and how they see their participation both financial and otherwise.

Below please find the submission from BeakerDAO

Who are you? What is the size of your proposed capital contribution?

In exchange for VITA governance tokens, Beaker DAO LLC (“Beaker” or “Beaker DAO”) proposes to contribute $75,000 as well as the DAO’s community support, knowledge, and expertise in the DeSci space.

Please describe for us, your view of the longevity and healthspan field, and how you perceive VitaDAO’s role in it.

As one of the foremost longevity and healthspan DeSci organizations, VitaDAO is poised to revolutionize the space by funding and advancing longevity research and development and drug discovery. Beaker DAO seeks to promote the efforts of VitaDAO in the broader scientific community and encourage conversation and collaboration in Beaker DAO’s shared space. Beaker DAO, as a premier community of scientists, project founders, researchers, and science enthusiasts sees an opportunity for a new and promising collaboration with VitaDAO that aligns well with Beaker’s community values and investment strategy.

Your Context

Why does your organization have an interest in this field? How does your organization see itself participating to advance the field?

Beaker DAO’s mission is to build the largest and highest quality community of scientists, builders, and investors in the DeSci space, with the goal of creating a safe and trusted environment for collaboration. In practice, Beaker DAO members hope to educate the market about the work of DAO-supported projects and the DAO’s DeSci community members, thereby advancing the speed of scientific progress.

Your Thesis

What is your interest in VitaDAO? How do we fit into your operational thesis?

Beaker DAO’s members range from scientists to doctors to project founders and DeSci enthusiasts, and the DAO is supported by service provider Tribute Labs, Inc. VitaDAO fits well within Beaker DAO’s vision of a community to contribute to and promote scientific progress. Beaker DAO is composed of individuals passionate about contributing and building in areas like emerging biotech DAOs, service DAOs, and software and infrastructure supporting the DeSci movement.

How do you plan to support VitaDAO, beyond your capital contribution?

BeakerDAO plans to contribute in the following ways:

  • access to dealflow Yes
  • ability to support incubation and commercialization efforts of the intellectual property (IP) Yes
  • ability to raise awareness for our mission and grow our community Yes
  • Other

Beaker DAO’s strong community of passionate scientists, researchers, doctors, project founders, builders and investors in the DeSci space are able to highlight VitaDAO’s mission and support VitaDAO’s community.

Participation plan

Explain how you plan to participate in VitaDAO. Will you participate in governance (token-based voting)? Do you plan to allocate resources to working inside our working groups? Do you have your own initiatives that you feel would bring value to VitaDAO?

  • participating in governance (token-based voting on proposals) Yes
  • participating in governance (discussions and revisions of proposals) Possibly
  • allocating resources to working inside our working groups Possibly
  • Other

Beaker DAO’s participation plan is still a work in progress. The extent to which the DAO will be participating in VitaDAO is an ongoing discussion as we work to establish who will represent Beaker DAO within the VitaDAO community.

[Suggested representative: Dr. Dhiveshan Govender]


From what I can see BeakerDAO is very new? Looks like 15 members. I haven’t looked up the wallets. What concrete accomplishments are tied to those wallets and/or the DAO to date?

I know DAO to DAO deals are all the rage, but it’s not clear to me how this is going to advance BeakerDAO’s plan. Assuming everything goes well, what are the expected concrete benefits to VitaDAO and to BeakerDAO? Is the goal shared membership between the two?

I just read a bunch of buzzwords in the context and thesis. Translate for an academic, plz: mechanistically, how is it expected to work beyond VitaDAO gets $75k and BeakerDAO says ‘we have a partnership with VitaDAO’? Is this just a licensing agreement to gain access to VitaDAO’s reputation and membership?

BeakerDAO includes many DeSci builders and supporters, that also supported Molecule and VitaDAO from the earliest days.


Multiple small contributors bring in more decentralization and, therefore, ‘decentralization per dollar’ and also ‘quality decision-making per dollar’ (because BeakerDAO members are basically DeSci veterans) are probably big numbers here