VDP-78: Steward Election Process

@consigli3re Hey! Sorry, I couldn’t make yesterday’s sync.

The contingency plan, as I see it, is multi-layered. There’s only one effective lever that comes to my mind that can be used to sway the community towards taking matters more seriously – we freeze all payouts until the elections have taken place. But in order to do this, the treasury must be controlled by the community and contributors. At present, multisig signers are not accountable to anyone. In our constitution, we say that multisig signers are not a decision-making body, but at the end of the day they have the ultimate control over DAO operations. And one can’t claim to have any level of control over an organization, a state, etc. unless they control the treasury. That’s why multisig signers must be too rotated regularly to include people without CoI so that there’s not too much concentration of power in the hands of the few.

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Sorry @longevion, @consigli3re - we now have two polls - can we simply reset the first poll, since the proposal now has those clarifications and revote it from there? I am worried having two polls will be missed by some.

Clarity for the people who aren’t following this perhaps as closely as we are. Thanks !

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Agree, vote has been restarted!