VDP-63 Community Update

Thank you everyone for your feedback and support of VDP-63. After discussions between Vera and the internal team, we have decided to shift the target of the project to another hyaluronidase, which, we believe to be more relevant to humans and will yield better results with the developed screening assay. For the purposes of IP protection, we have decided not to disclose this target publicly. Despite the target change, the proposal remains grounded in translating Vera’s and colleagues’ previous findings of NMRs and HA, i.e increasing HMW-HA for pro-longevity and anti-cancer effects.

Senior reviewers have been briefed in detail about the target. One senior reviewer was concerned that this change added complexity to the project. However, overall, senior reviewers agreed that the scientific reasoning behind the target change was strong. All senior reviews in the final phase III proposal will be up to date.

Once again thank you, the community, for the continued feedback and support of the project.