Membership NFT Proposal

VitaDAO Membership NFT Proposal

VitaDAO membership is awesome, and we should show it off with some beautiful VitaDAO themed NFTs. I propose we create a VitaDAO Membership NFT using the ERC1155 standard.

Uses for the NFT

Beyond the obvious reasons a VitaDAO NFT would be great, they can also serve several functions for the DAO:

  • It would be a membership “ceremony” to receive one
  • They would show working group membership
  • Snapshot voting could be built upon these tokens (needs proposal)
  • They can be used for token gating discord participation (needs proposal)
  • Owner addresses can be used for tips and incentives (needs proposal)

Any use of the NFT beyond showing membership will require a proposal that lays out exactly how that will work. Passage of this proposal does not imply or guarantee any specific usage, nor does it limit the usage governance can derive from the NFT.

Properties of the NFT

There would be two sets of properties to the metadata of the VitaDAO NFT during the design:

  • Immutable
    • Underlying artwork - unique generative art based on VitaDAO branding
    • Generative art properties, based on The Hallmarks of Aging
  • Mutable
    • Membership levels, including but not limited to:
      • Guest
      • Member
      • Working Group Member (one for each working group)
      • Working Group Contributor
      • Scientist
      • Certified (holds VITA Tokens)
      • Gnosis Auction Participant with Winner Crown
      • Founding Stewards
      • Stewards
      • VitaCore
      • Service Provider (maybe simpler art?)
      • Friend-of-Vita (special gifts, honorary membership)
      • NonMember
    • Other Properties as governance needs

Doing the above correctly may require multiple types of NFTs, with the Service Provider/Member separation being a potential example. This is the reason for the choice of the ERC1155 standard.

NFT is Permanent Gift To Member - Membership can Change

The NFT, once minted by VitaDAO and gifted, would be permanent, and would be the recipient’s to do with what they will. Certain owner actions would affect the NFT’s mutable properties. Upon transfer of the NFT, the NonMember property would be added to the NFT’s properties and all other mutable properties would be removed. If a person violates the code of conduct, then working group governance or higher could initiate the removal of mutable properties to be replaced with a NonMember property. The NonMember property is a neutral property, and will only indicate the the NFT holder is not a member. No record of why will be kept in NFT metadata. The NonMember property is not permanent, and the NFT could regain membership properties through working group or higher governance.

How We Engage an Artist

I propose we engage with an artist to create unique generative art so each NFT is visually different. Who the artist is will be the decision of VitaCore, with nominations welcome from members. VitaCore will also nominate a specific, limited set of our members to work with the artist in creating engaging, meaningful art for these tokens. The reason I suggest this approach is twofold:
1. to get the art done relatively quickly using a small committee of trusted DAO members
2. to make the artist’s experience a positive one.

In addition, I propose the design remain unknown to the general DAO members until the committee and artist are ready for the NFTs to be minted by the DAO. The budget for engaging with the artist will be the responsibility of the Operations and Technical working group, unless the budget requires an on-chain vote per previous proposals.

Operations Working Group Responsibility

Membership rosters will be the responsibility of the Operations working group, in cooperation with all the other working groups. The operations working group will shoulder the initial responsibility of transferring the NFTs from the Operations Multisig to the members.

Technical Working Group Responsibility

The technical working group will create the NFT with all the features mentioned above, including tests that show the NFT behaves as expected. The NFTs will be based upon OpenZeppelin’s ERC1155 implementation. Importantly, the technical working group will mint all the NFTs according to the roster information Operations gathers, and using the Operations Multisig as the minter and initial owner.

Proposal’s Most Basic Question:

Should VitaDAO create membership NFTs and give them to it’s members?


Great proposal Audie and to answer the basic question, my vote would be a Big yes on this.

Being a relatively young DAO still and the NFT space being a space which is also quite young and experimental, introducing such concept into VitaDAO makes totally sense. This adds to the overall culture and strengthens the community aspect quite heavily. People like to be part of a group and such NFTs is exactly that.

One point I would like to emphasise in your proposal is to keep the art itself random and unknown. That just makes it more special IMO. Also, I would probably say that the single pieces of this NFT project should all be unique, meaning there are no “visual” duplicates. Basically, like you described the underlying artwork’s metadata (even if it’s just a dot more or a different colour etc.). This just adds again to the value of the NFT itself.

One question is, are we going for a “still” visual or motion picture. Both would be fine, yet I do have a tendency to the motion one, in whatever art form that would be.


@Steve I’ll clarify here and in the proposal text. In the underlying artwork section I mention the art’s uniqueness as a piece of generative art. I’ll add that to the paragraph about the artist as well to make it more clear. Thanks for the feedback!

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Love this proposal!

I’ve been in conversation with some artists in the NFT space and would be happy to help on that front, if desired. I’m not terribly familiar with all of the nuances of NFTs but I understand it is common for royalties of all future sales of the NFT to be captured for the original project - this could be a modest source of income for the DAO as well.

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