How is VitaDAO approaching due diligence of the projects and assets it funds?

We are doing due diligence in ways similar to how the biopharmaceutical industry currently operates. Namely, we evaluate assets and research as a business opportunity where we will take into account market size, competition, your team, etc. However, VitaDAO wants to pursue more high-risk and earlier stage projects than those in which traditional funding mechanisms show interest. Also, we want to focus on projects that promote longevity/healthspan/lifespan per se. This is notable because longevity/healthspan/lifespan aren’t recognized as a disease by government agencies such as the FDA. Therefore, it’s market can’t be estimated traditionally. We accept this risk and have strategies including pursuing clinical trials in countries with favorable legal framework and/or countries willing to work together to design clinical trials with biomarkers that are relevant to longevity/healthspan/lifespan per se.