2nd VitaDAO Crypto meets Longevity Symposium

Project Lead: Max Unfried

Team: Alex Dobrin, Eleanor Sheekey, (TBD 2 WG Members), Max Unfried


On the 13th of April, we hosted the first VitaDAO Crypto meets Longevity Symposium – for which more than 300 people attended, and which created plenty of content to be used on our social media platforms(>2000 views on YouTube alone).

Due to this successful first event, we plan on a second 1-day Symposium(7-9h) in the Fall (exact date TBD, somewhen between the end of September and the beginning of November).

The purpose of the second edition stays the same:

To increase VitaDAOs visibility and credibility in the Longevity and Crypto space and to educate the Crypto field on Longevity, and the Longevity Biotech sector on Blockchain technology, and build a bridge between the 2 industries.

The event will be free of charge and live streamed on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Furthermore, to advertise the Symposium and reach the right audience we will advertise it in multiple academic Institutions via email. A social media campaign on Twitter with multiple tweetstorms is also planned.

After the event a symposium report will be published in Longevity/Crypto Media.

Thus far we have talked to speakers who would be available to speak such as Vadim Gladyshev, Marc Bernegger, João Pedro de Magalhães, Shahaf Peleg, Steve Horvath, Dog Aging Project, etc

Current session planned:

Keynote 40 min

30 min Epigenetic Clocks

30 min Rejuvenation through Spinal Fluid()

30 min Mitochondrial Rejuvenation

30 min Autophagy

30 min TradSci vs DeSci

30 min Clinical Longevity and Longevity Medicine

30 min Canines as model Organisms(Maybe as panel)

30 min Rejuvenation events

30min Bioinformatics approaches in Longevity

30 min Reproductive Longevity

45 min Panel Discussion: Building and Investing in Longevity Startups

45 min Panel: TBD

45 min Panel: TBD


Further positioning VitaDAO in the Crypto and Longevity community as a legit entity by organizing a bigger event.

Success Metrics

A successful event would get more crypto folk excited about Longevity, and Longevity people excited about the usefulness of Blockchain Technology in Science.

It should yield an increase in Twitter Followers and people joining discord and should facilitate outreach to researchers when we ask them for proposals.


Reaching out to speakers(In progress)

All speakers confirmed in September

Preparation of Marketing Materials and Promotion

Day of the Symposium

Symposium Recap


Bounty of 30000 $VITA split between the Team. A bonus of 10000 $VITA based on performance.

Potentially ~3000USD in case we need an upgrade on streaming software, equipment, or publishing in Cointelegraph/longevity.technology, and flexibility in bounty payouts.

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I love this idea! I’ve voted in favor of it (I’m a VITA token holder for what it’s worth).

If there is a call for speakers I would love to talk about TradSci vs DeSci.

I’ve written a very in-depth essay about Desci and I compare the TradSci vs DeSci world from publishing, generating data assets, renting lab space, funding etc.

Here is a video of me talking about DeSci at a crypto meetup I organized in Toronto.

I’ve talked about DeSci at a Paris Desci Meetup (here is a video summary) and at the LabDAO x Foresigh Institute DeSci workshop during ETHCC in Paris .


Absolutely brilliant article @tomiwa1a and I think you’d be a great addition to the slots of speakers.

Thoroughly enjoyed your insight.


Love the initiative and proposal, but think 30k Vita is very steep / too much budget for this, given its one day of effort, 10k per person can make sense for a monthly effort, but not a 1-2 day effort imo. What could be more reasonable imo is 15-20k VITA which is still a ton! And also part of that a small $vita bounty to the guests to onboard them.

How much did we spend on the 1st one, and how similar/dissimilar are these two events?