VitaDAO Symposium (13th of April 2022)

Project Lead: Max Unfried
Team: Alex Dobrin, Eleanor Sheekey, Max Unfried


To increase VitaDAOs visibility and credibility in the Longevity and Crypto space we are planning a 1 Day Symposium on Wednesday 13th of April 2022 to educate the Crypto field on Longevity, and the Longevity Biotech sector on Blockchain technology, and build a bridge between the 2 industries.

For this we will invite top experts from the Longevity and crypto realm to give presentations and discuss on round tables.

The event will be free of charge and live streamed on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Furthermore, to advertise the Symposium and reach the right audience we will advertise it in multiple academic Institutions via email. A social media campaign on twitter with multiple tweetstorms is also planned.

In addition, this will give us visibility to the ~25K subscribers to the Sheekey Science show.

After the event a symposium report will be published in Longevity/Crypto Media.

Current outline – subject to change and order TBD:

Keynote 40 min – Decentralizing science and healthcare

30 min Senescence and Senolytics

30 min Reprogramming ourselves to health

30 min The promise of Small Molecules

30 min Biomarkers of Aging

30 min Crypto 101 for Scientist

30 min IP-NFTs

30 min Clinical Longevity and Longevity Medicine

45 min Panel Discussion: Funding Longevity Science via Crypto

45 min Panel: Decentralized Science - Using Blockchain to reinvent Science

45 min Panel: The road to Rejuvenation: Progress, Obstacles, and the future


Further positioning VitaDAO in the Crypto and Longevity community as a legit entity by organizing a bigger event.

Success Metrics

A successful event would get more crypto folk excited about Longevity, and Longevity people excited about the usefulness of Blockchain Technology in Science.

It should yield an increase of Twitter Followers and people joining discord, and should facilitate outreach to researchers when we ask them for proposals.


Fully completed by 25th of April.

Reaching out to speakers(In progress)

All speakers confirmed by second week of March

Preparation of Marketing Materials and Promotion

Day of the Symposium

Symposium Recap


Bounty of 12000 $VITA split between the Team.

Potentially ~500-2000USD in case we need an upgraded on streaming software or publishing in cointelegraph/

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Just to clarify: This would be a physical/hybrid event in Amsterdam during Devconnect week, correct?

If not (even though I’d argue we should do that), we could reach out to other event organisers who already have a venue in Amsterdam during that week and ask them whether we could borrow a room in their venue where we could livestream the event, e.g. at the official Coworking Space for the week. See also the whole schedule.

Also, do you ask for 12.000 $ in VITA or 12.000 VITA, i.e. about 22.000 $?

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This is independent of Amsterdam and an online event (it’s the week before).
It’s 12.000 VITA.

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