VDP-54.6 Expression of Interest: Healthspan Capital


As part of the VDP-54 governance process, we have requested that each strategic contributor provide a memo outlining their interest in VitaDAO and how they see their participation both financial and otherwise.

Below please find the submission from Healthspan Capital

Who are you? What is the size of your proposed capital contribution?

We are one of the few venture funds focused on geroscience, LongBio, and regenerative medicine. The firm provides capital and strategic guidance to company founders, with a focus on early stage investment. The fund partners are Sebastian Brunemeier, Nathan Cheng, and Michael Chinen, and supported by associates and venture fellows.

Sebastian Brunemeier has (co)founded several prominent companies in the LongBio field: Samsara Therapeutics, Cambrian Biopharma, and ImmuneAGE Bio, with a total equity value of >$600M and >$180M in capital raised in the last 4 years. He also helped launch Apollo Health Ventures as a Principal, the largest aging-focused company builder fund, with ±$200M under management.

Nathan runs LongevityList.com, the On Deck Longevity Biotech Fellowship, and writes the largest newsletter in LongBio, the Longevity Marketcap Newsletter.

Michael Chinen is an angel investor with experience as an AI researcher at Google. Other team members and advisors have experience at leading academic institutions (Oxford, Scripps, Harvard, Karolinska, Broad, NIH…), big pharma (Pfizer, GSK, Lilly), and finance (UBS, McKinsey, The Longevity Fund).

More info is available on our website: https://healthspancapital.vc/

In exchange for VITA governance tokens, Healthspan Capital proposes to contribute 100,000 USD as well as support with technical diligence, company strategy, recruiting, fundraising, and industry partnerships.

Healthspan Capital’s Mission

Please describe for us, your view of the longevity and healthspan field, and how you perceive VitaDAO’s role in it.

Healthspan Capital is a venture investor in the longevity biotech (“LongBio”) sector. Healthspan Capital is one of the few venture funds focused entirely on geroscience and regenerative medicine.

Why does your organization have an interest in this field? How does your organization see itself participating to advance the field?

Sebastian Brunemeier was one of the earliest core contributors at VitaDAO and is an advisor to Molecule AG. He is on the Longevity Working Group and has served as an expert reviewer. Sebastian has been promoting VitaDAO widely at conferences and in interviews withjournalists. He also assisted with pitching VitaDAO during the latest capital raise. Other members of Healthspan Capital have already been participating in VitaDAO.

What is your interest in VitaDAO? How do we fit into your operational thesis?

Healthspan and VitaDAO will continue to share dealflow, compare notes on diligences, and promote the LongBio cause through media outreach. Nathan Cheng has a growing media empire and is well connected for recruiting new team members. Michael will promote VitaDAO within the angel investor and Google community.

Participation Plan

We will participate in governance via token-based voting on proposals, as well as drafting and revising new proposals, and continue to serve on the Longevity working group. We will also aid in recruiting. We also would like to co-invest in any newco spinouts from VitaDAO.

Deaflow sharing, diligence notes comparing, support for newco formation and incubation, IP diligence, drug discovery/R&D strategy, investor intros, industry partnering. We will continue to sing the praises of VitaDAO in our community.


Sebastian Brunemeier, Nathan Cheng, Michael Chinen and the broader healthspan team have been extremely valuable contributors and collaborators to VitaDAO already, and I really value their expertise and initiatives, so i’m excited and strongly in favour of this proposal with a lot of obvious synergies.


Agree this one looks strong.