VDP-54.4 Expression of Interest: Spaceship DAO


As part of the VDP-54 governance process, we have requested that each strategic contributor provide a memo outlining their interest in VitaDAO and how they see their participation both financial and otherwise.

Below please find the submission from Spaceship DAO.

Who are you? What is the size of your proposed capital contribution?

Spaceship is a global group of crypto natives, founders, builders, and investors. We aim to invest in, support, and fuel blockchain start-ups, emerging crypto networks, and decentralized communities.

In exchange for VITA governance tokens, Spaceship DAO proposes to contribute $50,000 and contribute to VitaDAO governance

Please describe for us, your view of the longevity and healthspan field, and how you perceive VitaDAO’s role in it.

Spaceship DAO and its members have long sat at the forefront of crypto innovation. When Spaceship invests, we look for projects and founders that are leveraging blockchain technology to explore uncharted territories. It’s for this reason that members were enthused to see a DAO take on the challenge of funding and advancing longevity research. Spaceship DAO will continue to support DeSci projects that seek to disrupt the industry, and that approach their work with the same conviction that we do.

As a DAO that funds decentralized communities, VitaDAO’s mission to collectively fund longevity research in a democratic manner strongly resonated with members.

Your Context

Why does your organization have an interest in this field? How does your organization see itself participating to advance the field?

Spaceship is a member-owned investment DAO supported by Tribute Labs. To date the DAO has deployed capital into a number of early-stage web3 ventures at the cutting edge of their respective verticals.

Your Thesis

What is your interest in VitaDAO? How do we fit into your operational thesis?

The members of Spaceship DAO have become increasingly convinced that there is immense opportunity in the DeSci space, and that our expertise as investors and operators puts us in a unique position to support premier DeSci projects and communities.

DAO members have recently become interested in DeSci, and see VitaDAO as a key player in that space.

How do you plan to support VitaDAO, beyond your capital contribution?

Spaceship DAO plans to contribute in the following ways:

Please identify how you will contribute to one or more of:

  • access to dealflow Yes
  • ability to support incubation and commercialization efforts of the intellectual property (IP) Yes
  • ability to raise awareness for our mission and grow our community Yes
  • other
    Spaceship DAO looks forward to doing our part to spread the word about VitaDAO. The DAO and its members will happily leverage the power of our platform and vast network to help move VitaDAO forward. Our members are accomplished crypto investors and operators who possess unparalleled domain expertise, and cannot wait to provide VitaDAO with any connections, resources, and guidance that it requires.

Participation plan

Explain how you plan to participate in VitaDAO. Will you participate in governance (token-based voting)? Do you plan to allocate resources to working inside our working groups? Do you have your own initiatives that you feel would bring value to VitaDAO?

Spaceship DAO’s participation plan is still a work in progress. The extent to which the DAO will be participating in the above is an ongoing discussion as we work to establish who will represent Spaceship within the VitaDAO community.

Dr. Dhiveshan Govender has tentatively agreed to serve as the DAO’s representative.


Is Spaceship DAO aware that their representative may be representing other DAOs as well? How do Spaceship and Beaker DAO plan to manage this CoI? I don’t think this is an issue for VitaDAO, but how the CoI is managed will tell us a lot about both DAOs.

Are there additional details on how Spaceship DAO would improve access to dealflow, or IP commercialization?

Spaceship DAO claims to be ‘accomplished crypto investors’ with ‘unparalleled domain expertise’. Is there a public portfolio to support the first assertion? Is there other evidence of the second assertion? To dig further on the first question, What is Spaceship DAO’s investment thesis? How do they make investment decisions? Biggest win in the last 2 years? Biggest loss? To the assertion of domain expertise, would they explain why Solana cannot be a decentralized, trustless, and permissionless blockchain?

Is the DAO aware that VitaDAO does NOT manage the price of its token, because $Vita is a governance token and NOT a security? Most importantly, the DAO should NOT be contributing capital with the expectation of profit. There is no plan to make $Vita profitable.